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[map] the sale of 9.48-36.98 million Ford three SUV new car models – Sohu [Sohu] Changan motor car recently, Ford officially announced the 2017 wing stroke, 2017 Maverick and 2016 sharp boundary the two new models listed on the official. 2017 of the main wing stroke in the configuration made the upgrade, while the 2017 maverick has added a new two 1.5T models, 2016 sharp boundary two new models 2.0T. Specific price as follows: 2017 wing stroke in the appearance and interior has not changed, mainly in the configuration upgrade. According to the new configuration of different models on the basis of the original, the new automatic anti glare rearview mirror, multifunction computer, automatic wiper, tire pressure monitoring, daytime running lights, front side airbags and other configuration. In addition, the 2017 wing stroke all optional with a 8 inch screen Intexact multimedia navigation system. 2017: added EcoBoost 180 and EcoBoost 180 airfoil two drive luxury 4WD statue airfoil two 1.5T models, including EcoBoost 180, two drive luxury airfoil equipped with heated front seats, electric rear door, 8 speaker sound, "Ford Power" smart keyless start system in power and with a 8 inch screen SYNC 3 intelligent system. 2017: EcoBoost listed 180 four-wheel drive will do for respect after using: 1.5T top models, the car is equipped with SONY audio, ACS low speed driving safety system, lane keeping, blind spot monitoring, automatic parking, car alarm system to both sides. The 2016 Ford circles added EcoBoost 245 two drive five Sebring and EcoBoost 245 four-wheel drive flagship, the EcoBoost 245 two drive five Sebring type and has been listed on the EcoBoost two drive 245 Sebring configuration consistent, differ only in the seat; and EcoBoost 245 four-wheel drive flagship type will be used as a sharp boundary 2.0T’s flagship model, the car interior is used more frequently in Fairfield (Fairfield) leather wrapped, also equipped with SONY audio, SYNC 3 multimedia system, lane keeping, ACC adaptive cruise, 360 degree panoramic image, intelligent anti glare LED headlamps. (responsible editor: Bear fly)相关的主题文章: