5 from the urban area of Liuzhou, the 5 bridges will be banned cars 爱多vcd

5, Liuzhou city 5 bridge will vehicles were banned from the order of Liuzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment Department learned that on the 5 day, Liuzhou city part of the bridge will implement traffic control, to detect the load test, the specific time is as follows: 1 Jinglan bridge: November 5th (Saturday) 0:00 – 6:00 2 Guangya bridge: November 6th (Sunday) 0:00 – 6:00 3 Wenhui Bridge: November 7th (Monday) 0:00 – 6:00 detection during closed from north to south of half bridge, vehicular traffic from north to south, from south to north direction of the normal passage of vehicles 4 the Liujiang River bridge: November 19th (Saturday), November 20th (Sunday) – Daily 0:00 6:00 5 pot West Bridge: November 23rd (Wednesday), November 24th (Thursday) 0:00 – 6:00 in order to ensure the daily load smooth test, load test period Room will be closed on the bridge, prohibit the passage of vehicles and pedestrians, pedestrians, vehicles in advance please select travel routes, change from the other way round, so as not to delay the trip. Test load test caused by the inconvenience please understand. In addition, from November 6th to next year on January 9th, the K13+070-K15+070 section of the G7212 highway in Liuzhou Liu Wu highway pavement construction. According to the needs of engineering construction, the construction section of the road need to close half of the road, motor vehicles diverted two-way traffic. During the period of construction, through all the sections of the motor vehicle drivers, passengers and staff construction work on the highway must obey the command and management of highway traffic police and traffic wardens, in strict accordance with all kinds of traffic signs and markings indicating driving, violators will be strictly in accordance with relevant laws and regulations of the State shall be investigated for legal responsibility. Please understand the inconvenience caused by the construction.相关的主题文章: