The photo to see Shen Mengchen, the state can play a few minutes 海思k3v2

The photo to see Shen Mengchen, the state can play a few minutes? Text: the elephant yesterday, Shen Mengchen, I was shocked by the scene, how is this??? Why look old? Not too many expressions, the whole state is not too good. Do not know why the wide light or cosmetic reasons, the whole face looks shiny, not too cool… The moment to each event according to the pickled cabbage star shine… No lighting situation, can see Shen Mengchen recent skin condition is not too good, see strange from the side. Now Shen Mengchen is often "patronage" a hot search, did not think now we focus on her face ah. Also turned over some of her figure and found her sometimes the expression is quite exaggerated. When there is no such a large expression, it will be a little less natural. This picture is more obvious. In fact, Shen Mengchen () with more hit the face, do not say first hit who sometimes didn’t recognize her at first glance. With her signature air bangs, properly net red van… This photo for girls in red net on micro-blog, tens of thousands of standard face. Oh, there’s this gesture… Hit the face, sometimes Shen Mengchen like Tong Dawei’s wife, Guan Yue. Do you have this feeling, but I always feel like Shen Mengchen and Guan Yue, ah (like _ person) but when Shen Mengchen met with large fashion in makeup, easier to hit the face. The fans like baby like Shen Mengchen Liu Haizhen became a symbol of her own, no bangs, the first time it is difficult to recognize her.. This large group of Shen Mengchen, and hit the face of Liu Yan!!! We tried it, and when the hands were covering the right side of the face, it was very similar to Liu Yan… Take a look at this group of big Shen Mengchen, can’t say who, but unlike her. Think about the original appearance of Shen Mengchen, "I’m a singer", it’s like that! The latest self timer, so down here: no way ah, everyone is on the female star’s face for fans of the attention… Finally crooked floor: autumn is coming, the day is cooler than the day, but also more and more dry, we pay attention to pay, love you! Source: Sina entertainment   more exciting content please pay attention @ Sina micro plastic (micro-blog)相关的主题文章: