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Elmar · Watson; hiding in London subway station is a Book How to do? Recently, a London subway passengers in the subway station to have a certain corner of the encounter "Hermione" Elmar · Watson deliberately left there a book called "mother & my mother" (& Mom & Me & Mom) of the book. Elmar · Watson; November 2nd issued a tweet, said he had hidden the 100 "mother & in London; my mother", & I hope you can find and read them. These two days, there have been lucky passengers out of the sun and a photo of the book, the book and Elmar wrote a small piece of paper, I hope you can read after put the book back on the subway station, let more people read it. This is a collaboration between Elmar and the London public service, a book on the subway. The book on the subway was founded in 2012, leaving about 150 books a week at the London station. "The subway books" for Cody Leah · Oxley (Cordelia Oxley) believes that this is a very successful event, "there are a lot of fans worship Elmar, found in the journey of a book will bring a surprise, found a book and found the idol signature, these two kinds of wonderful things together that brings amazing influence." A book on ethnic minorities and feminism, why did Elmar choose "mother &, my &, mother"? This is related to the idea of Elmar’s own book club. Elmar has been very concerned about the feminist movement, the United Nations agency is the empowerment of women’s goodwill ambassador, also published in the famous He for She. Earlier this year, Elmar set up his feminist reading club "Our Shared Shelf", and every month she read a book about women’s rights with members. "Mother & I & mother" is a book that Elmar read a Book recently. Naturally, this book is about feminism. "My mother & & mother" is an Afro American female poet Maya · Anji Luo (Maya Angelou) seventh autobiography, her first autobiography "I know why the caged bird sings" published in 1969, has been adapted into a movie, to become the American middle school classical literature course. Maya · Anji Luo is a legendary black American woman writer. She was born in 1928, when racial discrimination in the United States is still serious, life in the southern United States of Arkansas S Stamps’s grandmother Angelo’s childhood, her uncle in order to escape the three party K grandmother was a white girl hiding everywhere; insult; because of the color of her skin white dentist refused to give her tooth. At the age of 8, Angelo was raped by her mother’s boyfriend, her mother’s boyfriend was convicted by the court, but only one day in prison. Second days out of prison, Anji Luo uncle killed the man angrily. Since then, Anji Luo aphasia for up to 6 years, in silence, she"相关的主题文章: