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Russian officials said the economy is out of recession – Sohu financial news February 5th Xinhua Vladivostok (reporter Wu Gang) Russian Economic Development Minister Ulyukaev recently told the media that the Russian economy is out of recession. Ulyukaev said that the recession means the aggregate economy shrank for two consecutive quarters. The fourth quarter of last year, the Russian economy is lower than in the third quarter of 0.4%, last December the Russian economy is lower than in November 0.1%, the economic decline will soon stop. In this sense, the Russian economy has gone out of recession. Ulyukaev said, the Russian Ministry of economic development and the Ministry of finance has agreed to deal with the crisis of new initiatives, new initiatives are no longer supported banks and other fields, but focus on supporting the growth prospects of small and medium enterprises and other fields. Ulyukaev said that many investors showed a strong interest in privatization, Russia will promote the process of privatization of enterprises, which will help economic growth. In addition, foreign investment in Russia is also growing. Russia’s economy will grow by 0.7% in 2016, based on oil prices of $50 a barrel, according to the Russian Ministry of economic development. Under the influence of Western sanctions and international oil price fall, Russia’s economy is facing greater downward pressure. The report released by the world bank shows that Russia’s economy will continue to shrink in 2016, with an expected growth rate of 0.7%. Author: Wu Gang, Xinhua News Agency)

俄高官称经济已走出衰退-搜狐财经   新华社符拉迪沃斯托克2月5日专电(记者吴刚)俄罗斯经济发展部长乌柳卡耶夫日前对媒体表示,俄罗斯经济已走出衰退。  乌柳卡耶夫说,衰退指的是经济总量连续两个季度萎缩。去年第四季度俄经济总量仅比第三季度下降0.4%,去年12月份俄经济总量仅比11月份下降0.1%,经济下降将很快停止。从这个意义上讲,俄经济已走出衰退。  乌柳卡耶夫说,俄经济发展部与财政部已就应对危机新举措达成一致,新举措不再重点支持银行等领域,而是重点支持有增长前景的中小企业等领域。  乌柳卡耶夫表示,很多投资者对私有化表现出浓厚兴趣,俄会推进企业私有化进程,这将有助于经济增长。此外,对俄外国投资也在增长。  据俄经济发展部预测,在油价为每桶50美元基础上,2016年俄经济将增长0.7%。  受西方制裁和国际油价下跌影响,俄经济面临较大下行压力。世行发布的报告显示,2016年俄经济将继续萎缩,幅度预计为0.7%。  作者:吴刚来源新华社)相关的主题文章: