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Home-Securtiy You really can never do too much when it .es to home security, but you can certainly do too little. Surprisingly, there are some people who don’t do anything at all and it’s really only a matter of time before they’re targeted by a criminal. Although you’ll lessen your chances by implementing some measures, you can still be targeted even if you’ve gone the extra mile. That’s why you have to be prepared for the worst. Try implement any of the following if you want to feel safer at home. 1. Put a dog in your backyard or even inside your house. Most people are not all that .fortable with having a dog indoors because they may end up damaging their furniture or breaking things, but they can most likely feel .fortable putting one in their backyard. In any case, a dog’s natural instinct is to protect its territory and those that it cares about. Using its advanced senses of smelling and hearing, it will be able to detect a criminal much sooner than you could and it will try to scare a criminal away by barking. Although that usually works, it could also resort to biting if necessary. Dog is man’s best friend precisely because it was man’s original home alarm system. 2. Make sure you have new locks on all of your doors and make use of a deadbolt on as many doors as reasonably possible. Locks can get old and worn down over time just like any other mechanical device, making them less effective and easier to manipulate. That’s why it helps to make sure you have new ones on all of your doors. If you want to make sure no criminal will be able to manipulate their way into your home, you could always make use of a deadbolt, which is essentially a one-way lock that can only be opened from the inside of your home. When you lock one, you can be sure no one will be entering through that door. 3. It could also be helpful to use motion-activated flood lights. At night time, criminals gain the cover of darkness and use it to their advantage. You can take that away from them by illuminating their activities. Once seen by all, they’ll most likely flee the scene and have second thoughts about targeting your home in the future. 4. The ultimate home security measure involves having a home alarm system installed at your residence by a professional and reputable .pany. They’ll start by putting sensors on all of your windows and doors that will detect when they’ve been opened. Next, motion sensors will be placed all around your home so that in the unlikely event a criminal does get past the door and window sensors, they won’t be able to move around without being detected. As soon as the alarm system spots them, it will ring loudly and local police will be dispatched to your home. Criminals won’t have a chance and they know that. That’s why they’ll most likely find a new target as soon as they spot that home alarm system sign on your front lawn or window. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: