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UnCategorized As solar power is continues to gain popularity, manufacturers are now offering solar powered attic fans to consumers to help ventilate attics and keep attics cooler. The solar powered fans that are used for attics generally have a smaller solar panel to help power a DC motor when the sun is shining. By using solar powered attic fans, you will enjoy a plethora of benefits, including the four I will discuss in this article. 1. Save money There is no arguing the fact that electric rates are always on the rise, which makes solar powered fans so popular. By storing more solar energy because the roof is always in direct contact with the sun, you will make use of much more energy without paying a penny. Also, by continuously keeping your attic cool because of the low cost of solar powered fans, you no longer have to worry about dealing with mildew and mold. 2. Maximize exposure of sun to the solar panel Because of the way that many solar powered attic fans are designed, there is a mounting bracket that houses the solar panel. This helps optimize the angle of the panel to put it to use much more than an electric fan. The mounting bracket will also allow for remote mounting of the solar panel, which allows for optimal panel placement. 3. Minimize the ambient temperature of the solar panel With a powder coating that rests over the entire assembly in neutral gray color, this helps minimize the power output losses as temperatures increase. In doing so, it will help cool the attic and ensure that the solar powered fan does not act like a heat sink. Also, the mounting bracket allows for an envelope of cooler air to continuously circulate around the entire solar panel. By doing this, it provides the maximum electricity output from the panel to help run the fan motor. 4. Adaptable for all environments Although solar power is just be.ing popular, technology has grown to allow solar powered attic fans to be adaptable for all locations, roof types and environments. Obviously, if you live in an environment that sees more sun you will be able to create more solar energy. However, the powder coat over solar powered fans allows these fans to withstand any environment. Solar powered attic fans are perfect for every attic to help eliminate the heat while decreasing the electric bill at the same time. Because of the high efficiency, environment friendly capability, and lower electric bills, solar powered fans are suitable for everyone in any environment around the world. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: